Bob From Accounts Loves His New Nickname ‘Ok Boomer’


Reports have filtered in that Bob from accounts is loving his new nickname ‘Ok Boomer’ that was bestowed upon him by the companies 20 something social media coordinator Jackson.

“Gotta say I am absolutely stoked with my new nickname of ‘Ok Boomer’ as soon as I was called it I rushed to phone my wife and tell her the good news,” said Bob from accounts. “I have to admit the last couple of years I’ve felt more and more out of place at work as those around me get younger.”

“I’ve really struggled to connect with them, what with me owning a home or two and them all renting. Now that I’m known as ‘ok boomer’ I’m starting to feel alright.”

When asked for comment on why he labelled Bob from accounts as ‘OK Boomer’ Jackson the social media coordinator said: “Uh, I was being post ironic. I mean Bob’s always around with his crass jokes, boasting about his next trip to Bali and constantly talking of the good old days.”

“Yeah we get it Bob, back in the day stuff was cheaper, get a new track already.”

The companies management was unavailable for comment.

Mark Williamson

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