Coal Industry To Be Included In The Religious Freedom Act

morrison 730

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has revealed that his Government’s planned Religious freedom act will include the coal industry as a religion thus preventing it from being boycotted or abused by those who identify as anti-coal.

“My Government will always look out for those people who are being oppressed or belittled like the coal industry,” said the Prime Minister. “Coal has given this country so much and asks for so little.”

“If you want to be anti-coal then you have no place in my Government’s Australia.”

When asked whether other forms of power like wind, pumped hydro or solar would be covered by the religious freedom act the Prime Minister said: “Now you’re just being facetious. We all know that though some view renewables and climate change as some sort religion, it’s not.”

“There is nothing to stop the sun shining or the wind blowing well other than God so they don’t need the protections like the coal industry.”

Mark Williamson

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