ALP Strategists Direct Albo To Be More Like ScoMo And ‘Visit’ Engadine Maccas

DJ Albo

One of the key recommendations to come out of the Australian Labor Parties review in to their election loss was for their current leader Anthony Albanese to be more like Prime Minister ScoMo and maybe take a ‘visit’ to Engadine Maccas.

“It’s all well and good for Albo and that’s what he shall be referred to now to visit inner west craft breweries and DJ but he needs to get in touch with real fair dinkum Aussies like those that slipped in ScoMo’s shit at Engadine Macca’s in 1997,” said an ALP Insider. “If we want to win the next election we need to focus on what the other side is doing and emulate it.”

When asked why not focus on policies and ideas rather than the Opposition leader potentially shitting himself at a suburban McDonald’s the Spokesperson said: “We tried that last time and look where it got us?”

“I mean heck even Dutton got an increased majority and his own party didn’t even vote for him.”

Opposition leader Albo was unavailable for comment as he was in the process of booking  an Australia wide tour to take in and defecate in all Mcdonald’s outlets.

Mark Williamson

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