Thoughts And Prayers Allocated To Drought Relief To Be Sent To Bush Fire Victims


The Morrison Government has moved quickly to reassure the victims of the horrific bush fires currently raging through Queensland and New South Wales that they will be fully resourced with thoughts and prayers.

With the decision made to reallocate thoughts and prayers previously assigned to the drought and the NDIS in the budget.

“My Government is doing all it can to help those affected by the bush fires in making sure they have an adequate supply of thoughts and prayers,” said the Prime Minister. “Thoughts and prayers don’t just grow on trees you know.”

“We have to manage them to ensure that we get them to those who need it most.”

When asked why he was focusing on thoughts and prayers when maybe financial assistance or a long term plan focusing on climate change might be a better approach the Prime Minister said: “Thoughts and prayers are a practical and effective way of dealing with tragedies. Look at America they do it after every mass shooting and it seems to work.”

“Besides prayer works. I prayed to be Prime Minister and here I am.”

Mark Williamson

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  1. I understand that legislation is also appropriating ‘prayers and thoughts’ from the Commonwealth to compensate citizens for wages not paid by employers (stolen), services paid for but not delivered by banks. The Morrison Government is however, in recognition of the value and effectiveness of its policies, maintaining criminal sanctions against people who copy or download films, music etc, boycott supporters of misogynist hate speech radio announcers, or multinational coal miner corporations, and is still introducing laws to allow religious organisations be nasty and mean to people and groups such as women, children. ..really anyone they don’t like. You wouldn’t want to frivolously waste scarce and valuable resources such as taxpayer prayers and thoughts on these groups.


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