Government Introduces New INCREDIBLY Optional Code Of Ministerial Conduct


In response to the Auditor General’s finding that a $100m program of sports funding was used to “pork barrel”, the Federal Government has decided to implement a new code for ministers reminiscent of the Howard Government’s Code of Conduct.

To be named the Ministerial Code of Suggestions for Conduct If, You Know, That’s Alright With Them Or, You Know, Whatever, the committee drawing up the new vaguely guide-ish-lines to be headed up by Senator Bridget McKenzie – Nationals’ Deputy Leader, resident of the Melbourne suburb of Elwood, and Sports Minister at the time of the controversial funding come up with.

A statement from the Senator’s office said ‘We take seriously the offices to which we are promoted, and the serious and weighty responsibilities that come with such a pay and entitlements boost, so it’s time to show the community that we are prepared to uphold the standards of behaviour they expect from a Coalition Government and its ministers.’

When we attempted to contact Senator McKenzie at her Wodonga electorate office, we were told she had just ducked out to talk to a couple of constituents about what was most on their minds and would be back in six to eight weeks, give or take. Mainly take.

When we contacted her at her home, she denied any wrongdoing in the awarding of grants to marginal and targeted seats, and then asked if we needed a freshly built AFL ground complete with movable goalposts.

Matt Elsbury 

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  1. Nothing to me ever looks as bloody useless as a man standing around with his hands in his pockets . . . and it’s mostly how we see Scotty from marketing . . . that’s fairly telling, isn’t it?😟


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