Bridget McKenzie Appointed Special Envoy For Driving Tourism To Marginally Held Electorates


Scotty from Marketing aka Prime Minister ScoMo has today announced that he has appointed beleaguered National’s Minister Bridget McKenzie as a Special Envoy for Tourism.

Special Envoy McKenzie will be charged with leading a push to drive tourists both local and overseas to marginally held Coalition held seats.

“How good is Bridget McKenzie?” Asked Prime Minister ScoMo. “All week I’ve heard everyone talking about Bridget, heck she’s been trending on Twitter for the whole week.”

“Someone who is able to gain that sort of traction in January will be perfect to drive tourists to regional coalition held seats.”

When asked why he was only targeting coalition held marginal seats instead of all areas of Australia effected by the bushfire crisis the Prime Minister said: “Oh come on do you really expect me to answer that?”

“What is it with you media and all the questions, why can’t you be more like Sky News or The Australian and just take me on my word?”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to host a fundraiser for Mosman rowing club, I mean at Mosman rowing club.”

Mark Williamson

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