ScoMo Waits For A Plague Of Locusts To Hit Canberra Following The Hail


Prime Minister ScoMo is currently hunkered down in a Canberra bunker awaiting the arrival of a plague of locusts that he believes will hit Canberra following the city yesterday being hit by a plague of hail.

”The Prime Minister is simply taking precautions should the worst occur and the locusts follow the hail,” said a Spokesperson for the Prime Minister. ”And if the locusts do arrive then we will look at getting all the first borns into protective custody.”

”Say you don’t know if Peter Dutton is a first born child do you?”

When asked why the Prime Minister was hunkering down in a bunker whilst the Country is seemingly lurching from crisis to crisis, the Spokesperson said: ”Ease up on the guy will you he’s had a bad year. I mean he did have to shave off a day of his Hawaiian vacation and now he’s facing the plagues of Egypt in Canberra.”

”Now if you’ll excuse me I must get this budget surplus off to Hillsong for safe keeping.”

Mark Williamson

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