ScoMo Convenes A Focus Group To Workshop A New Nickname

morrison map

Prime Minister ScoMo has put together a focus group to workshop a new nickname after rejecting Scotty From Marketing. A nickname bestowed upon him by the satirical publication The Betoota Advocate.

“The Prime Minister is definitely a man of the people and always seeks their opinions before making a decision,” said a Spokesperson for the Prime Minister. “I mean look at the sporting grants that he and Bridget McKenzie handed out. They made sure that those grants went to electorates that would appreciate them most and in turn give us a vote.”

“And let’s face it Scotty from Marketing hasn’t got as good a ring to it as ScoMo or Scotty from the Shire.”

When asked if the Prime Minister understood that nicknames were not made up in focus groups but rather bestowed on to people by their peers, the Spokesperson said: “Oh come on you reckon Albo is an organic nickanme?”

“The boys at Sussex street would’ve spent months coming up with that. Amazed they didn’t try and call the last bloke Shorto instead of the King of Knives.”

Those wishing to suggest a new nickname for the Prime Minister are encouraged to call his office on (02) 6271 1511 during business hours.

Mark Williamson

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