Christensen Furious That The Manila Table Tennis Club Got No Funding From Bridget McKenzie

George Christensen

The Coalition’s Minister for Manila George Christensen has launched a furious attack on his Coalition colleague Bridget McKenzie after she failed to allocate any funding to the Manila Table Tennis Club of which he is a patron in the last round of sporting grants.

“I realise that Bridget has a tough job in deciding where to allocate funds, however it’s just not right that the poor girls of the Manila Table Tennis club got no funds,” said a distraught George Christensen. “I mean, I and a few other wealthy legitimate business people do what we can to prop the club up.”

“But that’s usually only a few $1 dollar notes at a time, I’m not made of money you know.”

When asked why he feels an overseas sports club should be funded at the expense of a local club, the Minister for Manila said: “Well Mosman rowers got $500K and to get there from Circular quay you have to cross the harbour.”

“Heck Abbott lost the last election why don’t we take that money back and give it to the Manila Table Tennis club?”

“I am willing to personally deliver the cash myself.”

Mark Williamson

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