Christensen Assures Assange That He’ll Walk The Streets Of Manila Until Julian’s Out Of Jail

George Christensen

National party member (for now) George ‘the thriller from Manila’ Christensen has flown to London to assure jailed Wikileaks founder Julian Assange that he’ll do everything in his power even if it means trawling the streets of Manila to ensure Mr Assange’s freedom.

“Julian being in jail and facing extradition to America is just not right,” said the Minister for Manilla. “But rest assured as long as I have money in my pocket and breath in my body, I will spend as long as it takes walking the streets of Manila to ensure Julian is freed.”

“I don’t care if it costs me thousands of dollars, I will do what it takes in Manilla to free Assange.”

When asked what walking the streets of Manila has to do with freeing Julian Assange, Mr Christensen said: “The people of the Philippines are very loving and will do what ever it takes to help a lonely man in need.”

“Hence I will walk the streets of Manila to get people to sign my petition to free Julian. I don’t care if I have to visit every bar or den of ill repute in the city, I will do so for Julian.”

Mark Williamson

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