Australia’s Pedos Nominate Andrew Bolt For Australian Of The Year


Australia’s leading pedophiles have gathered together on the dark web to unanimously nominate Australian blogger Andrew Bolt for Australian of the year for his work in defending one of their brethren George Pell.

“Andrew Bolt has gone above and beyond in his tireless defense of George Pell,” said a pedo who wished to remain anonymous. “Most of us are ostracised and shunned when we first get charged but Andrew Bolt and a couple of his media mates really stuck by George.”

“Despite him being charged and being found guilty and losing an appeal, they stuck with him and will take his case all the way to the high court. It’s like that movie the Castle, maybe Pell will argue that it’s the vibe.”

When reached for comment on his nomination Mr Bolt said: “Awards and trinkets are nice but I won’t rest until Cardinal Pell is out of prison and we have won the culture wars.”

“There’ll be no more of these school kid climate strikes if I have my way. Kids will be forced to spend some time under the learning tree with the Cardinal. I’m sure they will find the experience quite touching.”

Mark Williamson

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