Failed Politician To Try His Hand At Failing As A Journalist

Cory bernardi

Failed politician Cory Bernardi has announced his intentions to try his hand at failing in a new career as a journalist. With the unpopular former MP signing on to work with niche media outlet Sky News.

“My voice needs to be heard I have important ideas and theories,” said Mr Bernardi. “My wife has been encouraging me for a long time to get out of the house and tell somebody who cares.”

“The people listening to Sky News are in for a treat.”

When asked what impact Cory Bernardi’s signing will have on viewership of Sky News media commentator Ray Ting said: “I doubt if any to be honest. Sky News rarely rates high enough to warrant monitoring and looking at Cory’s socials I don’t think he’ll change that much.”

“But who knows, Cory may take to his new profession with vigor, like a dog with a boner so to speak.”

Mark Williamson

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  1. If his voice needs to be heard because he has important ideas and theories, why did he fail as a politician?


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