Scotty From Marketing Re-brands As A Ford Man


Prime Minister Scotty from marketing has announced today that after extensive focus groups and polling that he would like to be re-branded as a Ford man.

“The Prime Minister knows that it’s important that he reflects the views of the people,” said a Spokesperson for the Prime Minister. “So what better way to find out the views of the people than by using a few techniques that he picked up in his years as a marketeer.”

“Besides, there are a lot of car brands now to choose from, imagine if he’d come out and said he was a Daewoo man or worse a Citroen head?”

When asked why he couldn’t just trust his instincts and speak from the heart, the Spokesperson said: “That’s a good one, instinct, heart. Oh wait you’re serious.”

“Look politics today isn’t about values and tradition it’s about finding out what the people want and manipulating your message to make it seem like that’s what you stand for.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me we’re off to workshop which AFL team the Prime Minister should support.”

Mark Williamson

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