Australia’s Bogans Declare A National Day Of Burnouts In Honour Of Holden

Burn outs

Australia’s bogans have declared a national day of burnouts to be held on Friday February 21st in honour of Holden. Following the news this morning that the brand will be discontinued in Australia.

“Mate it’s a real kick in the teeth to be losing Holden,” said Holden aficionado Wayne from Gagebrook Tasmania. “I mean what am I gonna drive now?”

“Have you seen my t shirt, it says I’d rather push my Holden than drive your Ford.”

Politicians have already come out pledging support for the Holden brand with Opposition leader Barnaby Joyce saying: “You can’t have Summernats without the Nats. I promise you this, Holden will leave Australia over Michael McCormack’s dead body.”

“This summer when it’s time to judge the wet t shirt contest at Summernats, I Barnaby Joyce will rock up in my Holden statesman to make sure that the contest is judged by the best set of hands in the land.”

Prime Minister Scotty from marketing was too busy in a focus group to decide the Government’s position on Holden to respond.

Mark Williamson

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3 replies

  1. Hope the police in gulgong are ok with burn-out day cause I’m gunna light my 5ltr vs Ute up


  2. You realise its a joke rite


  3. I’m down for that. The VT will be tattooing the streets.


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