Scotty Tells Josh To Put Together A Budget Surplus Funding Concert


Scotty from marketing aka Prime Minister ScoMo has called his Treasurer Josh Frydenburg and told him to put together a concert to raise funds towards funding the budget.

“I flicked on the TV last night and saw my favourite singer Tina Arena belting out some tunes, Jenny told me it was a concert to raise funds for the bushfire victims,” said the Prime Minister. “So I thought to myself if people are willing to chuck in for the bushfire victims then surely they will kick in a few bucks for the budget.”

“I called up Joshie Frydenburg and he seemed keen so it’s definitely on.”

When asked what bands would be appearing at ‘Budget Aid’ the Prime Minister said: “Well lock in Tina Arena, hopefully this time she’ll play Burn, she disappointingly didn’t play it last night at the bushfire gig.”

“Scotty Cam will be there, he’ll host the gig and can I just say what a Champ he is, he’s only charging us $400K to do so.”

“From, there who knows Joshie and I will hit the phones and come up with a cracking line up.”

Mark Williamson

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