Joyce And Canavan Announce Ashley Madison As Their New Podcast Sponsor


Full-time podcasters and part-time politicians Barnaby Joyce and Matt Canavan fresh off launching their new podcast, Weatherboard and Iron have excitedly announced they have their first sponsor, online dating site Ashley Madison.

“No one gets into podcasting for the cash, let’s be honest,” said former deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce. “So to have a bit of coin to cover our costs is greatly appreciated.”

“And to be sponsored by a website that I truly believe in and would use myself, well that’s just a bonus.”

When asked whether he felt it was appropriate to be sponsored by a website that encouraged couples to cheat on each other Barnaby Joyce said: “Appropriate, like that has ever bothered me. Look the fact is marriage is between a man, a woman and his mistress.”

“Ashley Madison if anything is helping me not breach Scotty’s bonk ban. As I don’t have to chase after my staffers, I can just login and prowl.”

Mr Joyce also did not rule out chasing after other sponsors like Fleshlight, Go Daddy or the Tool Shed in the not too distant future.

Mark Williamson

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