AMA: Teen Cases Of Wrist RSI Skyrocketed In March


Members of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) have reported a surge in the cases of wrist RSI in teenagers during the month of March, as the country slowly moves into lock down.

“With the country moving towards lock down we are seeing some side effects”, said an AMA Spokesperson. “Some we anticipated, like mental health issues, but others like wrist RSI we didn’t anticipate.”

“In hindsight, we should have seen this coming – what with a lot of time, a proliferation in gaming consoles and free pornography available … well, it’s like a ticking time bomb.”

When reached for comment the Prime Minister was non-committal to funding the issue. However, he did have some advice for the nation’s teenagers: “It’s easy in these times to be tempted by online games or sins of the flesh, but I ask today’s teenagers, have you considered just sitting down and doing a puzzle?”

”Puzzles are something you can do on your own or with the whole family.  Heck, jump on a video call and do one with Nanna!”

“Much more fun than anything else you can get up to, and there’s no shame involved either.”

Mark Williamson


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