IPA Demands That The Government Stop Subsidising Low Income Workers And Instead Focus On The Rich


The Gina Rinehart funded ‘think-tank’ (sic) the IPA has demanded that the Government stop subsidising low to middle income earners and instead focus their bail out funds on looking after the richer members of society.

”There’s no use giving valuable Government funds to anyone currently earning less than $250 K per year,” said an Adjunct Spokesperson for the IPA. ”This pandemic has hit our countries billionaires hard.”

“They’ve seen their share portfolios fall and to make matters worse their corporate boxes at events like the NRL and AFL are virtually worthless.”

“Surely the Government could at least refund them what they paid for their corporate boxes.”

When asked why the IPA was so obsessed with seemingly robbing from the poor to feed the rich, the adjunct Spokesperson said: ”We believe in trickle down economics. In that if you give the rich champagne they will then piss it on down to the poor.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to deliver a paper to the Treasurer on how poor people should be taxed for breathing in rich people’s air.”

Mark Williamson


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