Scientists Warn Kids To Scrub Their Easter Eggs Thoroughly With Soap And Water

Creme Egg

With the impending arrival of Easter, scientists have warned children all around the world to ensure that they scrub their chocolate Easter eggs thoroughly with soap and water before they consume them.

“The Easter Bunny is travelling all around the world,” said an Australian scientist. “Who knows how many people infected with Covid-19 he will encounter?”

“Usually with rabbits, it’s myxomatosis we have to worry about. But this year it’s Covid-19 as well.”

When asked if scrubbing chocolate eggs with soap and water was safe, the scientist replied: ”Of course it is! Soap and water is the best thing to fight this virus.”

”Sure, it will make the eggs taste a bit funny, but hey, this might also be a time to counter the obesity epidemic by putting us off chocolate eggs!”

When reached for comment on the status of Easter, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: ”Maybe instead of choccy eggs you could give the kids an Easter puzzle, that’s what Jenny and I plan on doing!”

Mark Williamson


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  1. Love it ! & I just wonder how many Hoyky Toyky,Namby Pandy Greenies leftys will follow that advice ??


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