Nation Wakes Up Wondering WTF Will Go Wrong Today


The Nation of Australia has woken up this morning and collectively wondered what the fuck will go wrong today, as the year 2020, which has thus far delivered bushfires, floods, George Pell, plagues and a world-wide pandemic rolls on.

“Oh mate, what else can this prick of a year deliver?,” said Australian citizen Glenn Freeman. “The bushfires were bad enough, what with all the smoke and the lives lost. Now, we gotta stay inside and – get this – with no freaking footy to watch!”

“I tell ya, I’d love to punch 2020 right in the face.”

When asked for her thoughts on the year 2020, Berryl Watkins from Engadine North said: ”I do try to look on the positive side of life, but seriously, this year is really pushing my buttons.””

”Sure, the forced isolation is allowing me time to catch up on some reading and chores, but I won’t be able to see my grand children in person for who knows how long!”

”If 2020 were to come to my door today, I would give it a swift kick in the shin.”

The year 2020 couldn’t be reached for comment as it was busy punching a puppy.

Mark Williamson


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