Pell Ecstatic To Once Again Be Free To Touch The Children Of Australia


Cardinal Pell has talked of his relief at being released from prison, following the overturning of his conviction by the High Court. The Cardinal spoke enthusiastically about being allowed to once again reach out and touch the children of Australia.

“I feel like a new boy,” said the Cardinal. ”What an opportunity I have been given – the chance to once again go out and really make a difference to the people of Australia.”

“Children are the future of this country and I hope I get the chance to once again leave my mark on them.

When asked what he planned to do with his new found freedom, the Cardinal said: ”Well, I must catch up with those who supported me through these tough times, Andrew Bolt, Tony Abbott and of course our Lord, Rupert Murdoch.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I hear the Mr Whippy truck coming, it’s been awhile since I’ve joined the kiddies for a lick.”

Mark Williamson


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  1. Yupp ! Regardless of your bovine excrement title up ??
    Guess what was the job of Cardinal Pell in Vatican ??
    & after being appointed to that job, he was found to be a pedo ?? Humm ??
    Well ?? They couldn’t do it to him, what they did to the God’s Banker Roberto Calvi ??
    So ?? I’m being a “Conspiracy Nut Believer & wearing an aluminium tin foil hat, I think, that their best shot was accusing Cardinal Pell of being a pedo ?? You always find a mug who will accuse anybody for money ?? Limelight ?? Being a celebrity ?? What ever ??
    We DON”T WANT a “PEDO” investigating Vatican money dealing ?? Right ?? We WOULDN”T ??


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