Malcolm Roberts Plans To Fly To Seattle To Make A Citizen’s Arrest Of Bill Gates


One Nation’s leading mind Malcolm Roberts has demanded that the Prime Minister allow flights out of Australia, so that he can fly to Seattle in the United States of America to make a citizen’s arrest of Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

“I’ve been doing some very vital research on YouTube surrounding this supposed virus, and deem it imperative that Bill Gates be brought to Australia to face justice,” said Senator Roberts. ”I admit it will be a very dangerous mission with a lot of challenges. For instance, I’m not sure how I will get my tin foil hat through airport security.”

”However, cometh the hour cometh the man! Well, I say “hour”, but I don’t follow the conventional method of time keeping.”

When asked why Bill Gates was the target of his wrath, Senator Roberts said: ”Don’t you do any research?!”

”I will send you a list of very informative blog posts and YouTube clips for you to consume, and I’m sure you as I did will come to the right conclusion.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to stock up on tin foil, it’s a long trip to the United States.”

Mark Williamson 


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