Man Who Breached The Racial Discrimination Act Unsurprisingly Against Aboriginal Recognition In The Constitution


Andrew Bolt a Sky News after dark host who’s show regularly attracts 10’s of viewers has come out to today against Aboriginal recognition in the constitution.

Mr Bolt’s stance follows the TV show host and blogger’s 2010 court appearance where it was found that he had breached the racial discrimination act in a column about how it was all of a sudden ‘hip to be black.’

“I’d just like to say that I’m not racist but…….we can’t have one group of people being recognised ahead of another, it’s just not white,” said Mr Bolt. “I tell you I am being silenced.”

When asked how he was being silenced given he had a 5 night a week TV show, newspaper column and also appeared regularly on the radio Mr Bolt said: “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to witness it does it make a sound?”

“Sure I may be on Sky News but let’s be honest no one ever watches, so in a way I am being silenced. Maybe the Government should legislate that people must watch Sky News rather than looking at issues like Aboriginal recognition in the constitution.”

“You know look at issues that effect real people like me.”

The Prime Minister could not be reached for comment.

Mark Williamson

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