Prime Minister Albo Challenges Dutton To A DJ Off

Australian Prime Minister DJ Albo has challenged Opposition leader the Dark Lord Peter Dutton to forego debates and instead battle it out on the decks with a DJ off.

”Boofhead and I will debate plenty in parliament over the next few years,” said DJ Albo. ”So, let’s mix it up a bit and see who can spin the best tunes.”

”He’s from Queensland which has a great scene, he could bang out some ‘Gurge or Custard.”

When reached for comment on the PM’s DJ challenge, the Dark Lord said: ”I will meet any challenge that Mr Albanese throws at me, as long as there’s something for me to gain.”

‘Maybe, we could have some sort of a cup like challenge where the winner gets to rule the land and the loser is imprisoned or killed.”

”Oh, I like that, now, where are my death eaters, we have a cup and an execution to plan.”

Mark Williamson


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