Q&A Disappointed Grand Wizard Unavailable; Settles For Alan Jones Instead

Low rating ABC show Q&A hosted by Stan Grant was disappointed this week after the Grand Wizard of the KKK was unavailable to appear on the show. Instead, they had to settle for local bore Alan Jones.

”We were very keen to have the Grand Wizard on the show this week to share his insights into racism,” said a Q&A producer. ”Sadly, the Grand Wizard was unavailable.”

”Apparently he is booked to appear on Paul Murray Live.”

When asked why the show continued to platform people like Jones, the show’s producer said: ”Well, he gets people talking, doesn’t he?”

”Let’s face it – when was the last time you guys satirised us?”

”Anyway, must be off as I need to source some pillow cases for this week’s guests to wear.”

Mark Williamson


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