Lil’ Paul Murray Upset That Daddy Rupert Says He Can’t Play With Trump

Low rating Sky News host lil’ Paul Murray has thrown an almighty tantrum after Daddy Rupert said he was not allowed to play with his American friend lil’ Donny Trump anymore.

”Lil’ Paul doesn’t have many friends, or viewers for that matter, so to be told he can’t contact one of them is a bitter blow,” said a Sky News Insider. ”He kicked up a bit of a fuss, not in front Rupert of course.”

”He calmed down though when it was pointed out that he still had his good friend the Dark Lord Peter Dutton to play with in the sand pit.”

When asked why Daddy Rupert had turned on lil’ Donny Trump, the Sky News insider said: ”Well, Rupert got annoyed when he hadn’t heard from Donny on Twitter for awhile.”

”Then the whole red wave turning into a trickle thing was kind of the last straw.”

”Bye, bye Donny and hello Ronny. Florida is a lovely place to visit you know, especially if you’re a recently single billionaire.”

”Which reminds me, Daddy Rup asked me to pick him up a nice pair of white boat shoes and a pastel suit.”

Mark Williamson


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