Breaking: Qantas Flight Lands Safely And On Time


Australian airline Qantas today celebrated the landing of an on time flight from Sydney to Perth, in a week which saw them divert three flights due to mechanical failure.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce fronted the media to talk about the momentous occasion telling The (un) Australian, “I’m a glass half full type of guy this week we landed one flight and diverted three, one in four is not bad odds?”

The flight which left Sydney airport on time and landed in Perth, on time was not without its failings. One passenger Herbert Smith complained, “Look the plane was clean, the staff were friendly , the flight was on time and the journey was smooth however they only had Coke not Pepsi as a beverage option. I mean come on this isn’t Tiger .”

Mr Smith further complained that the plane wasn’t diverted as he had specifically chosen Qantas in the hope that the  plane would be sent back to Sydney and all passengers would be put up in a hotel for the night.

When told of Mr Smith’s complaint Qantas CEO Alan Joyce offered Mr Smith a year’s worth of complimentary flights, on Malaysian Airlines.

 Mark Williamson


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