Coles Denies Cashing In With Anzac Highway Store

The offending Anzac Highway store.

The offending Anzac Highway store.

Coles Supermarkets CEO John Durkan has rejected claims the retail giant maintains its Marion store in Adelaide’s southwest merely to profit from links to the RSL.

Mr Durkan said the site was chosen many years ago and its close proximity to the smaller stores it eventually put out of business was the sole reason for the Anzac Highway location.

The South Australian government re-named the former Bay Road in 1923 to honour the contribution of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The (un) Australian was unable to find any evidence of lobbying by George Cole, who founded the company in 1914 and by 1923 had at most a handful of stores in Melbourne.

Mr Durkan said the allegations were a “piss poor attempt by Woolworths, Target, a couple of footy clubs, a cruise company, concert promoter, one or two newspapers, you bastards and even fucking Buzzfeed when you think about it” to deflect attention from themselves.

Retailers have been under increased scrutiny in the last 24 hours after Woolworths withdrew its “Fresh in our Memories” website only to then be faced with this morning’s The (un)Australian exclusive.

Tim Govers

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