Australia To Play Spider Cam In A Best Of Six Test Series

Australian Captain Steven Smith is felled by Spider Cam at the fourth test in Sydney

Australian Captain Steven Smith is felled by Spider Cam at the fourth test in Sydney

The Australian Cricket Board today announced that the side currently leading India two nil in a best of four test series will next play Channel 9’s Spider Camera in a six test series, following the World Cup.

A Cricket Australia spokesperson told The (un) Australian: “Spider cam will be a worthy adversary for the boys I mean yesterday it got the best of Steve Smith on the field and look at the summer he’s having.”

The details of how a side of 11 cricketers will play against a camera that is wired to the roofs of stadiums have yet to be made clear, however the move has already got a lot of former players talking.

Former Australian player and celebrated Tupperware salesman Neil Harvey said: “Cricketers today are soft, taking on a spider camera, in my day we didn’t have spider cameras we used to have to play a game then go knock on everybody in Australia’s doors to tell them how the game went.”

Channel 9 commentator and noted moustache enthusiast Ian Chappell was indifferent to the series telling The (un) Australian: “Cameras, let me tell you about cameras, one time Dennis Keith Lillee, Keith Raymond Stackpole and Douglas, oh what’s his middle name, hang on I can’t continue ‘til I know his middle name call me back in 20.”

The six test series will be shown on channel 9 and sporting bet are offering 2:1 odds in favour of Australia. They are also taking bets on how many people will tweet about Shane Watson.

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