Charlie Sheen Victim Of ‘Spartacus’ Twitter Bomb

Charlie Sheen

Hollywood actor and court-required spokesman for prescription abuse, Charlie Sheen, today confirmed he has been a victim of a vicious Twitter trolling attack.

Speaking to The (Un)Australian today, Sheen (acting age 19-27), spoke of his bewilderment at waking up to discover his Twitter timeline full of people claiming to be him.

Even more baffling for the Santa Monica native, the tweeters were doing so in French.

“I just woke up this afternoon and everyone was tweeting ‘I am Charlie’”, Sheen said. “Gradually, as the meds wore off, I realised it was some kind of French surrealist Twitter bomb.”

“Well I have a message for all the haters: you just wish you were me”.

Charlie Sheen will be appearing in panto at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre this March.

Jane D’Oh

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