Joe Hockey’s Wife Threatens To Sell Her Canberra Home Should Laws Be Changed


Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey’s wife, Melissa Babbage has today announced that should parliament change the laws that allow politicians to stay in their spouses homes in Canberra whilst paying rent to the spouse, then she will sell her Canberra home in protest. The home that Mr Hockey currently rents from her.

Following a trying week for Mr Hockey in which he managed to alienate pretty much anyone who doesn’t own a house, calls have been made to review the laws surrounding politicians’ living-away-from-home allowance.

Babbage’s threat to sell in protest comes after another Canberra couple threatened to divorce should marriage equality be passed in to law. The rise in this form of protest is defined as taking your bat and ball and going home.

Professor J P Duminy Spittah of Monet Private University talked of the recent phenomenon telling The (un)Australian: “This form of protest has been around for a long time, however it used to be more subtle. For instance, when slaves were abolished in the United States, angry slave owners took away the minimum wage and thus a new form of slavery emerged.

“This was done behind the scenes, today however anyone who decides to protest seemingly has press releases, Tweets, Instagrams and Facebook status’ ready before they even think through their actions.”

As of yet, there has been no word as to when parliament will look into politician’s living away from home allowances. However, a spokesperson for the government did say it is definitely one of their top hundred thousand priorities to look at.

Mark Williamson

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