Peter Dutton Challenges The Greens To A Game Of Eye Spy


Mr Dutton has also started a game of Chinese whispers in cabinet.

Federal immigration minister Peter Dutton has formally challenged the Greens to a game of “Eye-spy” in an effort to form a closer bond between the Greens and the Liberals, who for years have had a frosty relationship.

The offer, however, has not been accepted by the Greens. In fact, it has offended them, in particular Senator Sarah Hanson Young who was hoping to play tiddly winks. Former Greens leader Christine Milne did at one stage try to engage the government in a game of statues, but was too good as the government didn’t realise she existed.

A spokesperson for Mr Dutton spoke to The (un)Australian about the minister’s challenge, saying: “Peter is a fun-loving fellow, always up for a game or a joke. I mean look at what he did while he was health minister, what a kidder. The Green’s are too uppity, come on chaps eye spy, with my little eye.”

Unperturbed by the Green’s decision to not play ball, Mr Dutton has decided to play games with other members of parliament, starting with a game of Chinese whispers with the cabinet.

Mark Williamson

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