Calls For Unsuitable Women And Feckless Poor People To Be Outlawed


Daily Telegraph columnist and self-confessed ‘sci-fi nut’ Miranda Devine is leading the charge to have unsuitable women and feckless poor people outlawed.

Devine usually the first to rally against the ‘nanny’ state has recently surmised that domestic violence only occurs among poor people, hence without them, the problem now afflicting society will be solved. Her position is bolstered by extensive research undertaken by former treasurer Joe Hockey that poor people don’t drive cars.

A spokesperson for the I’m Anti-Poor Association (IAPA) told The (un)Australian: “It’s obvious that poor people are what’s wrong with the world today. Miranda is spot on to blame the poor for domestic violence, I’m in the top tax bracket and the only thing I hit my wife with was a prenuptial agreement.”

Devine’s comments have really resonated with the tens of people who read her column and the twitterati, who are busily changing their twitter handle from Dames and Dukes to Unsuitable Women and Feckless Men.

No word yet on whether fellow conservative columnists will rally to Devine’s cause. Andrew Bolt was reached for comment, however he is currently on bereavement leave over the loss of Tony Abbott.

Mark Williamson

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