Factory Workers Of Australia Report Prime Minister Missing To Police

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The Australian Association of Factory Workers have today gone to the police to report the Prime Minister of Australia missing as no one has seen him visit a factory, farm or processing plant in over a month. A similar report was also filed by the company responsible for producing hi-vis workwear, following a dip in sales.

A spokesperson for the Australian Association of Factory Workers told The (un)Australian: “We are very worried for the Prime Minister’s safety, up until a month ago our members would regularly see the PM visiting one of their factories decked out in a hi-vis jacket with a throng of media in tow.

“But lately we have not seen the Prime Minister near a factory at all, the closest he’s come to a blue collar worker was when he sat opposite an Irish labourer on the Watson’s Bay ferry.”

When contacted for comment, the Prime Minister’s office said: “The PM is fine and not ‘missing’, he just has a lot on his plate and will endeavour to get out to a factory or a farm or a boutique micro brewery in the very near future, most likely a little closer to the election.”

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has been keeping up with his factory visits. But instead of turning up with a media throng and talking points, he has instead been handing out his resume.

Mark Williamson

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