Justin Trudeau Freaked Out Over Malcolm Turnbull Liking All His Facebook Pictures

Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister and star of Instagram Justin Trudeau has asked his country’s ambassador to Australia to convey to the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that he is a little freaked out over Mr Turnbull liking all of his photos on Facebook.

A spokesperson for the Canadian Embassy spoke to The (un)Australian about the diplomatic tensions, saying: “Look at first Justin was a bit flattered when Malcolm posted a few pictures of the two of them together, then he was a little suspicious when Malcolm changed his profile pics to a picture of the two of them together, then it just got weird.

“I mean Justin woke up in the morning with 654 Facebook notifications all saying that Malcolm Turnbull liked his photo.”

A spokesperson for Mr Turnbull allayed the Canadian PM’s fears, saying: “Malcolm only has honest intentions, he likes Justin and when Malcolm likes something he gets a little obsessed with it, I mean have you heard how many times he has talked of it being the most exciting times?

“Anyway it’s good to see he is liking pictures of other people online, not just pictures of himself.”

At this stage, Canada has no plans to withdraw it’s ambassador. However, if the issue is not resolved, there is talk of sending Nickleback out to Australia to tour, a move considered by most as an act of war.

Mark Williamson

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