Bolt Report’s Tens Of Viewers Angered By Shows Axing


Channel 10 has  announced today that it will not be renewing its Sunday morning political show The Bolt Report, in a move that has angered the shows tens of viewers.

Merv Delaney, self-funded retiree and founder of the Facebook group Andrew Bolt for PM, spoke to The (un)Australian about his disappointment over the show’s axing, saying: “It’s appalling first we lose good ol’ Tony Abbott and now Andrew is gone, how will I get angry now?”

“It’s a Sunday morning tradition. I get up, eat breakfast, watch The Bolt Report then shout at my grandkids over Sunday lunch about how they’re a bunch of tree hugging, leftist, warmist, refugee boat enabling do-gooders!”

On his blog, Bolt said that his show had not been axed and he would make many more TV appearances, a claim that appears to show that Bolt is on stage 1 of the five stages of grief.

There is no word on which show will replace The Bolt Report, however there is talk that Mark Latham was seen ranting and raving in the vicinity of Channel 10’s Pyrmont headquarters.

Mark Williamson

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7 replies

  1. Bolt provided an important counter balance to ridiculous ABC


  2. By being even more ridiculous


  3. well, they have lost me , one of the few decent shows on the channel, maybe they need a new programme manager , i am available …top of the tree in 12 months at the most……


  4. Music to my ears


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