Cory Bernardi Calls For A Senate Inquiry Into Sliced Bread

Cory bernardi

Liberal Senator and self-proclaimed champion for common sense Cory Bernardi, has demanded a senate inquiry into sliced bread, accusing the food product of being driven by sinister motives.

A spokesperson for Senator Bernardi told The (un)Australian: “Cory is very concerned about sliced bread as the other day he overheard someone in the shops describe a jar of hummus as the best thing since sliced bread.”

“I mean hummus being linked to sliced bread, it’s how the terrorists win and the homosexuals inflict their agenda on us, now please if this interview is to continue I need you to don this tin foil hat.”

Senator Bernardi has a long history of calling for inquiries into things he doesn’t like or understand, such as halal certification, the Safe Schools anti-bullying initiative and common human decency.

No word yet on whether Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will approve Bernardi’s latest request for an inquiry. However, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott winked at us when we asked whether he’d approve the request should he ever be Prime Minister again.

Mark Williamson
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4 replies

  1. I had to read the article to see if this guy was serious. Yep another moron we have in Government.
    Is this meant to be a distraction from read National issues, or is this guy really a complete moron.

    Lets start talking Senate inquiries, and lets start with all of this here;

    World wide article now read by over 5 million people. Shared and read by world leaders. Bernie Sanders even left comments on our twitter account supporting the article, the words, congratulating us. Yes All Australian MP’s the now and former PM have it.
    MSM have been trying to silence us. Came to our social media told us what we could write. Told them where to go in a heart beat.


  2. You are the Moron


  3. Sounds like we need to call for a senate enquiry into mentally ill senators. His approach to politics is to play the Donald Trump game of staying in the headlines no matter what, so everyone remembers his name. Classic narcissist mental illness.


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