John Howard Declares ‘Not All Gay Bashers Are Bigots’


Former Prime Minister turned failed cricket administrator John Winston Howard has declared that not all people who take part in gay bashings should be considered bigots.

A spokesperson for the former PM spoke to The (un)Australian to clarify the comments, saying: “What John means is that sure you might have a bat and you might use it to attack people who are not straight but that doesn’t make you a bigot, some people just like to join in with the group and be a team player.”

“I mean Mr Howard himself was a pretty ordinary cricketer so what else is he supposed to do with his cricket bat?”

Mr Howard’s words came on the back of a speech commemorating 20 years since he was first elected PM, an event that is to be celebrated in Sydney, Canberra and Nauru later in the year.

When reached for comment current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declared: “The Liberal party is a broad church and like all churches there’s room for all and scope to protect those with abhorrent I mean differing views, it’s never been a more exciting time in Australia to be a bigot.”

Mark Williamson

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  1. Someone should inform him that the Nazis had more compassion than he did.

    At least Zyklon B doesn’t take weeks or months to kill you, unlike cancer or ALS.


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