Search For George Pell’s Compassion Abandoned


The team in charge of finding Cardinal George Pell’s compassion have abandoned their search in order to focus on the relatively easier task of finding missing Malaysian airlines plane, flight MH370.

A spokesperson for the search team told The (un)Australian: “We had high hopes when we first started the search that we would turn up the Cardinal’s compassion. But the more places we looked, the more dead ends we found. There was a lead off the coast of the Mozambique but it turned out to be false.”

“I guess now we are left to wonder where Pell’s compassion lies, is it in the catacombs of the Vatican or did it even exist at all? We will never know.”

The Vatican’s number three man, Cardinal Pell was contacted for comment, however he had a note from his doctor saying he was severely allergic to scrutiny about his compassion. Exposure to scrutiny, his doctor said, was potentially fatal to his career.

Mark Williamson

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  1. Gold, just gold. Why are you not famous, or at least viral by now? I love your “articles”. DO NOT stop. S


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