Malcolm Turnbull Loses Family Vote Over What To Watch On TV

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The Prime Minister has received a further setback after being forced to watch The Block after losing the vote over what the family would be watching on Sunday night.

“Normally me, the dog and the butler form a voting bloc and get to watch Insiders on the ABC but when time came to vote Lucy had the numbers,” admitted a sheepish Malcolm Turnbull. “Unfortunately Christopher Pyne allowed the butler to go down to the cellar to get a bottle of Grange and the dog was out in the backyard barking at an airplane when the division bells went off.”

“Malcolm always wants to watch that boring political stuff on a Sunday when I just want to unwind after a long hard week overseeing the eviction of people whose homes have gotten in the way of the WestConnex project,” said a jubilant Lucy Turnbull. “As soon as I sniffed a majority I grabbed the housekeeper and took control of the remote.”

As well as losing the vote on what to watch on the TV the PM also was forced to order a ham and pineapple pizza instead of his favourite super supreme and Mrs Turnbull got to sit in the comfy lounge chair.

“Ever since the kids moved out Malcolm has had to deal with a slim majority of one in his household,” said family whip Christopher Pyne, who follows Mr Turnbull home from parliament each weekend to ensure that he has control of the voting in his Eastern Suburbs residence. “I’ll be having stern words with the dog with a rolled up newspaper in my hands this morning, wanting some answers. Malcolm must get to watch Zumbos Just Desserts tonight or there’ll be serious repercussions.”

Peter Green

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