George Brandis Regrets Hiring Bob Day To Build His Bookshelves


Following Bob Day’s resignation from Parliament,  Attorney-General George Brandis has spoken of his frustration after revealing he hired Senator Day to build some bookshelves in his office.

A livid Senator Brandis told The (un)Australian: “I hired Bob Day in good faith to knock up some book shelves for my office, I have many books you know. Then low and behold he goes and resigns leaving me with a half finished bookshelf that also may not be up to code and may in fact be invalid, what a shemozzle.”

When reached for comment outside of his home, Senator Day tried to escape The (un)Australian, and when asked if he felt shame at leaving a job half done and invalid, Senator Day replied: “Leave me alone, I’ve done nothing wrong, I’m not a shonky builder, that bookshelf deserves it’s place in parliament and I don’t care what the high court says, now go away.

“Unless of course you want to give me some coin for an interview? Or for washing your car windscreen?”

Building maintenance located within the offices of the High court will inspect Senator Brandis’ bookshelves to ensure they conform to the constitutional requirements of parliamentary office furniture.

As for Senator Day he is tipped to appear on A Current Affair soon as a dodgy Adelaide builder accused of fleecing his clients.

Mark Williamson

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