Labor To Replace Ministers With Unpaid Interns In Budget Savings Measure


The Australian Labor Party has announced that, as part of its plan to bring the budget back into surplus should they win government, it will replace all government ministers with unpaid interns. The move follows Shadow Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh’s successful trial of using unpaid interns to help write his latest book.

Speaking to The (un)Australian, Labor leader Bill Shorten talked through the details of the policy, saying: “Having read Andrew’s book I was amazed at the accuracy and clarity of the writing, and I thought if unpaid interns could do this imagine what they could in the way of health or education policy?

“The only sticking point to this policy however is how will unpaid interns pay their union dues, but I’m sure they could set up a Go Fund Me account to cover them. That’ll please the CFMEU.”

Contacted for comment, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was receptive to Mr Shorten’s policy, saying: “Unpaid interns what an innovative and agile concept, I mean we were going to pay them $4 an hour to do stuff, but if Labor can get them to work for free then this is an avenue we must explore, exciting times.”

Mark Williamson

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