Andrew Bolt Postpones Karaoke Night Until Section 18c Is Amended

News Corp columnist and President of the Tony Abbott fan club Andrew Bolt, has decided to postpone his annual karaoke party until after Section 18c of the racial discrimination act is amended.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Mr Bolt explained the decision, saying: “Every year I host my annual Karaoke soiree and it is a rather boisterous affair. However last year there was a rather unfortunate incident that caused me to rethink this year’s event.”

“You see, I put the machine on random and a delightful ditty by a group of negroes called NWA came on and I started crooning along when I got to the n word. What unfortunate timing, as at that moment one of the caterers who I hired for the evening walked in on me saying the n word and well it was rather awkward, for both of us.”

When asked why it was awkward Mr Bolt responded: “This law is making it unfair on the average man on the street who just wants to hold a little soiree in his home with singing, dancing and hired help.”

“I mean I just want to say the n word, what is wrong with that? Australians should be able to say what they want. Unless of course it’s about Bill Leak in which case it should be illegal to tarnish the man in any way what so ever.”

Mark Williamson

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