Sesame Street’s Autistic Muppet Prompts Hanson To Call For Vaccination Ban

Beloved children’s show Sesame Street has announced the introduction of a new autistic muppet character, which the show’s producers hope will help kids learn to interact better with autistic children. Although lauded by  educational experts, renowned vaccination expert Australian Senator Pauline Hanson has said the new character showed the urgent need for a  ban vaccinations of muppets.

“You see what happens, you start vaccinating muppets and all of a sudden one of them is diagnosed as autistic,” Senator Hanson told The (un)Australian.

“I have it on good authority that vaccinating muppets leads to autism. A friend of a friend overheard someone in the butcher’s shop talking about a YouTube video their cousin saw, so it must be true. I mean who would you trust, a doctor or a friend of a friend who overheard something in a butcher’s shop?”

When The (un)Australian suggested muppets might not be real, Senator Hanson became defensive, saying: “Don’t tell me muppets aren’t real, have you met Malcolm Roberts? Now if you’ll excuse me I have a meeting with my new health food advisor a Mr Cookie Monster.”

Sesame Street when reached for comment passed on the message to Senator Hanson that this week’s episode was brought to you by the letters F and U.

Mark Williamson

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  1. Saw the headline before the source, & didn’t even blink at the idea of Hanson associating autistic muppets with vaccines. Satirists everywhere must be fearing for their jobs.


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