Bill Shorten Appoints Stephen Bradbury As Campaign Manager


Leader of the Labor party Bill Shorten has announced that he has appointed former Winter Olympics gold medallist Stephen Bradbury as his campaign manager in the lead up to the next federal election.

Stephen Bradbury spoke to The (un)Australian about his appointment, saying: “It was a shock to get the call from Bill to take on the role as I have no qualifications in politics or anything really, other than skating on thin ice.”

“But we chatted and Bill told me the lay of the land in Canberra and I thought wow, he’s in the same position I was when I won the gold.”

Mr Shorten also spoke to The (un)Australian about Mr Bradbury, saying: “He’s been in the job a week and look at the results. We expected Tony Abbott to trip up Turnbull at some stage but not this soon. And then there’s the Greens. What a result! Stephen is worth his weight in gold.”

When contacted for comment about the leader of the opposition’s new campaign manager Prime Minister Turnbull said: “Look I’m not going to comment about what Tony Abbott is up to, now good day.”

 Mark Williamson

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