Senator Malcolm Roberts Demands ABC’s Ultimo HQ Be Covered In Tin Foil

One Nation Senator for now Malcolm Roberts has demanded that the Government cover the ABC’s Ultimo headquarters in tin foil if it wants his vote to pass new media ownership laws.

“The ABC is out of control and it’s time someone did something about it,” said an animated Senator Roberts. “I mean yesterday they showed a program about two bananas running around the beach enjoying the sun. Talk about propaganda for the renewables industry, why couldn’t those two fruits enjoy coal?”

“Dangerous ideas they are spreading at the ABC, they even had the gall to question me once in an interview, can you believe it.”

When reached for comment on Senator Roberts demands Communications Minister Mitch Fifield replied: “That’s better than we expected from One Nation. Only having to cover the ABC studios in tin foil. We approached Derryn Hinch and he wanted a whole news channel devoted to himself so we’re getting there.”

“These new laws will be great for Australians, especially those named Murdoch.”

Mark Williamson

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