Hanson Demands Voters With A Triple Figure IQ Be Banned From Voting

Pauline Hanson fresh off calling for a ban on anyone under the age of 21 from voting has today demanded that anyone with an IQ over triple figures also be banned from voting.

“Parliament should be for the average everyday Australian. Not some book smart, inner-city trendie,” said Senator Hanson. “I mean the average Australian doesn’t want to read or know facts they just want to listen to the person who shouts loudest and shouts what they want to hear.”

“I can assure you that no one shouts louder than One Nation.”

When pressed on whether a person’s IQ could affect a Politician’s eligibility for Parliament Senator Hanson replied: “No one in One Nation would be ineligible due to having a high IQ. Well maybe Senator Roberts but he assures me that he believes his IQ is quite low.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull did not rule out the proposal when reached for comment however he did propose conducting a postal survey on the issue.

Mark Williamson


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  1. It would certainly spell the end of the greens. As to the rest of the article, you’ll probably find that a lot of intelligent people will vote for her because they are tired of the bullsh!t of the other parties that get voted in by the majority and then only do things for minorities.


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