Malcolm Turnbull Asks Alan Jones To Consider Getting Fracked

Prime Minister (for now) Malcolm Turnbull has held discussions with New South Wales Premier Alan Jones over the country’s energy crisis and suggested Mr Jones consider getting fracked.

“A number of leading energy experts have told me that fracking prominent shock jocks like Alan Jones and Kyle Sandilands could solve the Nation’s energy crisis,” said the Prime Minister. “In fact there is enough gas being emitted from Alan that we would be able to run the State of NSW for the next 70 years.”

“Imagine that, what an innovative and agile approach.”

Despite the Prime Minister’s enthusiasm for seeing Alan Jones getting fracked the shock jock himself was not so enthusiastic, saying: “How dare he tell me to get fracked! I’m Alan Jones, I’m important. People listen to me.”

“None of this would have happened if Tony Abbott were still Prime Minister, he was going to make me a knight you know.”

A non-compolsory, non-binding postal survey will be held within the next year over whether or not Alan Jones should get fracked.

Mark Williamson

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