NSW Government To Lower House Prices By Making Sydney Unliveable

The NSW State Government has announced their housing affordability plan which centers around making the State unliveable for those that earn less than $100,000 per year.

“Let’s face it the exploding population is leading to the demand for housing to go up hence the prices,” said a Government Spokesperson. “So if we drive people away who can’t afford to buy a house, problem solved.”

When asked how they plan to do this the Spokesperson replied: “Well we started with the lock out laws, I mean who wants to live in a State where you can’t buy a bottle of wine after 11pm. When that didn’t have the desired effect we thought let’s muck up the trains. So we’ll see where this goes people, are angry so let’s hope it starts to shift them interstate.”

“Other measures we have planned are over crowded schools, underfunded hospitals and did you see how we’re going to blow two billion on stadiums for rugby league. What a pisser that is, no one ever goes and watches league. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to poke people with a stick as they line up to catch a bus.”

Mark Williamson


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