Michaelia Cash Tells Labor To “Cash Me Outside”

Minister for jobs and innovation Michaelia Cash has used an appearance at Senate Estimates to throw shade at the Opposition by challenging them to ‘Cash me outside, how bout dat.’

“I ain’t afraid of Bill Shorten, I’ll name names, you wanna go? Cash me outside,” said Senator Cash. “Bill Shorten you scared of me and my main man Malcolm, you send Penny Wong in to fight your battles. Why not you me in the car park, come on Billy boy cash me outside.”

When reached for comment, Opposition leader Bill Shorten asked The (un)Australian to speak to Senator Penny Wong who said: “I’m not afraid of you Michaelia Cash, you want to go outside, let’s do it. I’ve already made you apologise once today, why not twice.”

When reached for comment over Senator Wong’s diss, Senator Cash replied: “Oh Penny you a dreamer, I never apogised, I say what I want when I want.

“I’m Michaelia Cash me outside. How bout dat!”

Mark Williamson


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